Written and Illustrated by Julia Sarcone-Roach

ISBN-10: 0375858601
Knopf Books for Young Readers

By now I think you know what happened to your sandwich.
But you may not know how it happened.
So let me tell you.
It all started with the bear . . .

  “Who took the sandwich? An unseen narrator explains what became of a missing sandwich in an inventive selection that places the blame on a bear–but not in the way one might expect. ..this enjoyable romp is sure to elicit giggles. Young readers and listeners will laugh out loud as they closely examine the pictures and find the jokes in this highly interactive urban adventure.”
Recommended Review – Kirkus Reviews


 “Sarcone-Roach uses a vibrant color palette in her impressionistic paintings, gleefully depicting the bear exploring unfamiliar terrain.  The book stands up to repeat readings; the illustrations (and endpapers) beg for more attention. ”
Starred Review – Horn Book Review


“By now I think you know what happened to your sandwich,” begins the unseen narrator of Sarcone-Roach’s sly tale. “But you may not know how it happened…. It all started with the bear.” The narrator spins a long, involved story about how a bear found its way to the city (and the sandwich), while warm, painterly acrylics show what’s really going on. The … story and accompanying artwork stand nicely on their own, while the narrative frame delivers an extra comic kick in the pants.
-Publisher’s Weekly


Lush, color-drenched paintings and an unreliable narrator combine to explain a … comical saga in “The Bear Ate Your Sandwich” by Julia Sarcone-Roach. “By now I think you know what happened to your sandwich,” the unseen narrator begins. “But you may not know how it happened. So let me tell you.” Canny young readers may notice from the start a certain hasty, guilty note in the elaborate tale that follows, of a bear that accidentally hitches a ride in a pickup truck and finds himself, hours later, in “a new forest” of shops and streets and buildings. We see the bear amiably exploring his curious environs—squishing through freshly poured concrete, splashing in puddles—before discovering, on a park bench, “your beautiful and delicious sandwich. All alone.” The final revelation of the storyteller’s identity may not surprise the canniest readers, but it will still delight them and any other 3- to 8-year-olds who pick up this charming picture book.
-Wall Street Journal

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