Poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins, Illustrated by Julia Sarcone-Roach

This compendium of small poems about common inventions will entertain and inform a wide span of age groups, either as a read-aloud, read-together or read-alone.
Sarcone-Roach provides active, splashy illustrations on every page that unify the book visually and contribute their own humorous touches.
Both an easy introduction to nonfiction for young children and a fund of interesting trivia for older readers.
– Kirkus Reviews

The highlighted inventions in these 16 poems—blue jeans, roller coaster, basketball, and Popsicle, to name a few—have great kid-appeal… Sarcone-Roach unites the different poems with double-page illustrations, which vary in style from painterly to cartoon. Quick sketches and notes in the margins of the contents page suggest that the inventing is still in progress.
This anthology does an excellent job of uniting the creativity of words, art, and innovation. It will spark children’s curiosity and hold their interest.
– School Library Journal

The mixed-media artwork’s well-designed compositions add energy without overwhelming the words, and a final prose section offers further information about each invention.

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